Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Little Treasure from a Little Mind

I stood on the balcony of my mind       The
Prospect of waiting put me       And me only
On my journey to wish       A dream
That never ceases to fuel itself
Living in a pool of hawthorn encased by a treasure box
From my childhood       In it lives a story that
Should be concealed for years       That should not be opened

A painful moment       Now the years of yearning
Goes with the wind that blew by       I witness it fly
Fly       Fly with the wind So
I opened the box       To find what I hoped for years ago

The heavy chassis uplifts       Reveals
Pink       Red       Flowers that greeted my presence
Fragrance in the air       Supremacy reigns the room
With a quiet hiss of       “hi there”       Enough I thought
To pull the wreckages of my heart      Back together again

But in it is a letter        From myself       A tiny reminder in a tiny package
My ugly handwriting that I first cannot decipher
A cryptic clue to my own disposition

But with such quietude       What a tranquility I must’ve been in
No matter how cryptic I was still young
I should dismiss it I thought

But something reached me       “Read it”       Strong pulses to urge me
So I read       Appreciate the hawthorn       It says
But not too long       Just long enough to find the woods charming
Short enough to stand without fatigues
Then to find my way back to the reality       And bargain with the Fates
For a huge gift in the eventful course
      The latter I already knew to be the commanding truth

Now I am wrong       Now I am pulled back to life
Again       To greet time To bid farewell
And suffer in them       Be choked by them
A course that pettiness is needed more than ever

But now       From time to time
I still see the hawthorn in my mind       How it still is so vivacious
And now I know the reason why why the pink the red still blooms
And why the angel       Saying “hi there”       Dancing to her own rhythms
Appears again and again       From time to time

It all is a quiet godsend in itself